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  Frequently Asked Questions  

Frequently asked questions

When do lessons run ?

Note that all lessons are run during school terms only. Lessons are available for all instruments, Monday to Saturday. Our normal hours of operation are shown at the bottom of each page on our website. Our lesson schedule follows the normal NSW School Term calendar. You can find the dates for each term for each year, from the NSW Dept. of Education website here.

How are Teachers allocated ?

Many of our Teachers play and can instruct on multiple instruments and genres. Where a student wishes to learn one of the more popular instruments (for example, guitar or piano), we will allocate a Teacher based on the Teacher's schedule, the student's availability and the particular genre that the student may be interested in. If you would like to have a specific Teacher, please let us know.

Are lessons charged by the hour ?

No, our lessons are charged by the term. This means that you may end up with a different number of lessons per term, as it depends on the length of the term. All lessons are half-hour in length. You can find the NSW school terms from the NSW Dept. of Education website here.

What happens if I cannot attend a lesson ?

If you cannot attend a lesson, you must provide us with at least 2 days notice, via email. This will allow us to reschedule Teachers and other students. Note that there are no credits given for missed lessons. If possible, we will schedule a make-up lesson, but this depends solely on Teacher availability. Should we be able to organise a make-up lesson, this must be taken within the term (make-up lessons will not carry across from one term to the next).

Is there parking onsite ?

We have only one car park available, which is directly behind us in Glengarry Lane, but we are only a short walk to both Carlingford Court Shopping Centre and Carlingford Village. You may also be able to park in Keeler Street (or across the road in Post Office street).

Where exactly is the Music School ?

Our address is: Suite 11
839 Pennant Hills Road
Carlingford NSW 2118 We are located on the top floor.

Can we complete AMEB exams ?

Absolutely. Any student wishing to complete Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) exams can do this as part of their tuition. Should you wish to complete exams, your Teacher should be advised so that they can tailor lessons and properly prepare the student to sit the exam. Additional lessons prior to exams can be organised if required. Please note:

  1. AMEB exams are conducted twice each year, in April and October
  2. AMEB exams take place during school terms and may be scheduled by the AMEB on weekends
  3. The AMEB charges a fee for all exam enrolments. This charge is additional to your normal lesson cost. The AMEB exam enrolment fee is non-refundable

What if I do not want my child's photo used on social media ?

In order to promote the achievements of our students, we occasionally post on social media and may also use student photo's on our website (in the Hall of Fame). If you do NOT want your child's photo to be used in any social media posts, or be featured in the Hall of Fame on the website, please let us know.

Do you accept Creative Kids vouchers ?

Yes, absolutely ! We are a registered activity provider and are able to redeem Creative Kids vouchers, as part payment towards lessons. Simply apply for and download the Creative Kids voucher and bring the voucher into the Studio with you. Note that Creative Kids vouchers can only be redeemed once in any calendar year. We cannot accept Active Kids vouchers (this is a different program) and we can only accept vouchers for the student who is undertaking lessons. You cannot use a voucher from a sibling.

Can we contact the Studio outside of school terms ?

Yes, absolutely ! Although the Studio is not formally open outside of school terms, we still monitor email, the main telephone and our social media accounts. Should you wish to get in touch to book lessons for the next term, or to ask questions ... please simply contact us using whichever method is the easiest for you. Do note however, that there may be a slight delay in us replying, as the office is not attended during out of school term periods.