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Piano Keys

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  Acoustic Guitar   

The guitar has six strings, however it can give you Sixty years of fun.  Rock, Country, Blues, Folk and R & B.  We have it all, let us show you.

Bass Guitar 2
  Bass Guitar   

Like the foundations of a house supporting the walls, the bass guitar is in the band to support the melody.

Put simply ... no bass ... no song.

Electric Guitar
  Electric Guitar   

Rock legends the world over have created moments etched in history.  For the extrovert, there is no better instrument.

Clarinet 1

The clarinet is a fun instrument to learn.  It is small and simple to look after. 

Flute Music Notes

The flute is a wonderful instrument to learn.  It is small, easy to look after and in many bands, is responsible for carrying the melody.

Piano keyboards

The Piano is one of the most popular instruments to learn.  From simple tunes to professional performances, we can take you through the journey.

Jazz Singer

Whether you are looking to develop your vocal technique, or have never sung a note before ... our professional teachers can help you unlock and achieve your best voice.

Trumpet 2

By far the most popular of all the brass instruments, the trumpet can be everything from moody and soulful to bright & uplifting.

Classic Tuba

Resembling a smaller version of the Tuba, the Euphonium is a baritone instrument and is generally pitched at Bb.

Image by Jornada Produtora

A member of the violin family, the Cello is tuned an octave below the viola and is generally used as a solo instrument in chamber music and as part of the orchestra string section.

Percussion Set

Rock, Jazz, Swing, Garage Band.  Whatever the technique you prefer ... we can help.

French Horn
  French Horn   

An orchestra is not complete with the graceful sound of the French Horn.  At Carlingford School of Music, we have experienced teachers who will help you master this beautiful instrument.

Saxophone 2

The saxophone has three popular sizes - Alto, Tenor & Baritone.  Alto is popular with primary schools, with Tenor and Baritone used in high schools and university.

Boy Playing Trombone

Since the 1920's, the Trombone has been the backbone of the band.  Being both the most mellow and the loudest instrument, its versatility is outstanding.


The tuba is the lowest-pitched musical instrument in the brass family. It first appeared in the mid-19th century, making it one of the newer instruments in the modern orchestra and concert band.


For hundreds of years, the violin has been the most beautiful of all the stringed instruments.

A small guitar-like member of the Lute family, it has 4 nylon strings and was originally introduced to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants from Madeira.